Bowers & Wilkins

Native Design
  A new convenience in accessibility of huge digital music archives is driving HiFi strategies further towards personal audio. Following up on the success of the Zeppelin Ipod speakers, Bowers and Wilkins wanted to consolidate its relation with Apple with their first desktop only speakers.

We were very conscious about the importance of nailing the perfect proportions with the Apple product so manual mock ups were tested and re-tested until they were absolute gorgeous next to a MacBook or an Imac. The sound engineers shook their, they wanted us to increase the size to fit in bigger drivers. But stood by the design and through new component sourcing and by clever sound processing, the speaker sounds remarkably big and nuanced.

The market reception of the MM1s was so exceptional that Bowers and Wilkins decided to immediately follow up the design with the A5 and A7 wireless speakers.