Bowers & Wilkins

Native Design
  The C3 are Bowers and Wilkins first foray in the in-ear category in the ongoing expansion of its personal hi-fi portfolio. In-ear headphones are small, deliver great sound by isolating background noise and are the most convenient device to pair with a smartphone to take calls on the go. With such tiny devices are however serious issues with fit, comfort and how to diversify the design from growing competition.

Combining insight into sound improvement and user comfort I invented the "Concha loop" and "Tungsten balance" principles. The same cable that feeds audio to the headphones is thickened at the top in order to make an adjustable spring to fit any ear and the weight of Tungsten inside the ear canal counterbalances the outside weight. We used compressed metallic microspheres to control air porting at the back. The diagonal rear cut naturally forms an oval referring to the original Zeppelin Ipod speaker.

The In-ears are already an audio classic and another outstanding icon in Bowers and Wilkins portfolio.